Joana Gomes

Joana has a degree in Management from Católica Porto Business School and is currently finishing her master's in Human Resources Management and Organizational Consulting at ISCTE Business School.
During her academic career, Joana proved to be a dynamic young woman always ready to embrace new challenges, having been involved in several projects and initiatives in the different schools she attended.  She highlights the project promoted by the European Parliament, where she had the opportunity to spend a day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, together with students of various nationalities.
From an early age she realized her passion for people, always willing to help and learn from those around her. On a personal level, Joana loves to travel and get to know new cultures. She is always ready for a good "dancing foot" and to see a good live concert.
Her professional career began in the summer of 2022, in Germany, where she completed a four-week internship at the multinational Vaillant Group.
In September 2022 she joined Argo for a curricular internship.