Inclusive Community Forum (ICF) is an initiative of NOVA SBE dedicated to the life of people with disabilities that aims to promote a more inclusive community. It aims to support the integration of people with disabilities and understand where the main obstacles to employability are through a network of diverse players with a common interest in taking an active role and leading change.
ARGO acts as a partner in human resources consulting, being an active part of the inclusion process. For this type of project, we consider that the strategy with the highest return is to search the database specifically built for inclusive recruitment.

Líderes pela Lealdade

Leaders from nine major companies in Portugal came together to create the forum 'Leaders for Equality', with the ambition to inspire and act towards a more fair and equal society. As a Human Resources Consulting company, we have seen a growing concern about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and also looked to serve as a market barometer by sharing some examples of success and good practices. Our Partner Filipa Leite Castro is one of the leaders of this forum.


Skoola is an urban music academy, to work music as an agent of structuring and positive change, at a time when this shift has never been so important.
A practical school, with connection to the world of professional artists.
With an informal and innovative modular educational model, created from scratch in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, through the School of Music and the School of Education.
ARGO supports one of the scholarship students of this project.

Stand 4 Good

Stand4Good supports university students who, despite living in a situation of proven economic need and having applied for Social Action Scholarships, haven’t obtained them by a minimum differential. 
They have 6 axes of intervention, one of them is Mentor4Good, in which they develop mentoring programs where ARGO intervenes with sessions for mentors and mentees.

Associação Salvador

Partners for many years, we have been collaborating with Associação Salvador in recruitment processes of new members for the Association's team, as well as trying to sensitize our customers to the theme of inclusion in their teams and also providing training to associates in the topics of preparing them for the labor market.