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We invite you to meet our team. Dedicated professionals with high and proven experience who are daily convinced that they can and should obtain the best results.

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  • People that are curious about the market, companies and Human Resources. But above all things curious about life outside the office: art, food, travelling, culture, history and everything around us;

  • People that deal well with the idea that intuition and objectivity are equally important in decision making. People that are aware of Big Data information, but those that know that at the end of the day, Small Data weighs more when facing tough decisions;

  • People that have high interpersonal sensitivity – high awareness to others’ well-being, prioritize the teams interests over their own. Aligned teams are always happier and more productive;

  • People that are dedicated to their responsibilities and committed to the Organization – not disregarding the well-being of those around them: family and friends;

  • People that don’t leave parts of who they are at the office door. We want to keep having a trusting environment, with the room for people to share what they think and feel, with no fear of judgement;

  • People that have the courage to speak up and to give others “bad news”, as well as to receive different opinions as their own, receive criticism with humility and see these moments as learning points;

  • People that don´t obsess over the time they came into the office, or left the office, but rather, those that see that their colleagues’ success depends on themselves as well. Those that understand that instead of “work-life balance”,” work-life blend” is more important and that each and everyone of us has the responsibility to keep it balanced;

  • People that have the conviction they are the best at their job and in the market, but understand that when in a strong team, they will go much further than they would if they were alone;

  • People that have the ambition to grow and enjoy feeling that performance assessment is not conditioned by quotas, but understand that everything has a timing and waiting for the right moment is sometimes key;

  • People that understand that we will be demanding and, sometimes, might take longer when selecting the inhouse team – because we know how important it is for our clients to know that our team was selected with the same rigor and criteria with which we select their future employees;

  • People that know skills aren’t measured by the way people dress, but instead have the social and cognitive agility to adapt to different contexts and individuals.  

  • People that know the benefit of working in a balanced team, and don’t accept any type of behaviors that may harm either Argo Partners’ name, or any of our clients’ name as well.