Viviana Pinho

Viviana is native from Vale de Cambra where she still has great roots, from early on she is orient to help others. Graduated in Psychology, with a Master in Specialization in Organizational, Social and Work Psychology by Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade do Porto, even before knowing exactly what the Human Resources area was, she knew that this was where her future would pass, for the purpose of being able to contribute for a more positive energy in the work context as well as a more genuine relationship of people with the companies.  As a result of the Curricular Internship in Human Resources at DouroAzul, she was invited to join the HR team of Pluris Group in 2018, where for 3 years she was involved in several areas related to Human Resources Management, with greater focus on the Development and Recruitment and Selection areas.
Very emotional and passionate, always ready to help, facilitator and realist, sees in contact with others the ideal opportunity to get to know and develop ourselves. She believes that we all have a "happy" place where values fit together and where we can absorb the best from others and contribute the best of ourselves.
She joins ARGO in 2021, in a moment of willingness to grow and take risks and to be able to continue to fulfill her purpose of making "work" a context of fulfillment and growth for everyone.