Adriana Albuquerque

Adriana has a degree in Social Work and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management. She studied Social Work in Castelo Branco with the goal of contributing to the improvement of the lives of those who need it most.
It was in Lisbon, during a volunteer project at the employability office of the "O Companheiro" association, that she realized that her path would pass through the area of human resources. In this area she tries to find answers to the needs of the people she meets and improve their satisfaction, happiness and professional future.
She started her professional career in 2009 in the areas of catering and retail, in 2017 she had her first experience in Human Resources in the Talenter™ Group, where she worked in several HR areas. "Do my best every day" is her motto and her way of being in life. Focused, committed, enthusiastic and empathetic are some of the characteristics that best define her and allow her to connect with people and achieve her goals. Adriana is passionate about people, loves a good conversation, and believes that we all have something to add to the world and to share with those who cross our paths. Music, theater and running are the key ingredients to keep her healthy and happy! In 2021 Adriana joined ARGO as a Consultant and develops transversal functions in several Talent Attraction & Assessment projects.