Mariana Andrade

Mariana has a degree in Marketing and Advertising from IADE and is currently finishing her master’s in digital marketing at Universidade Europeia.
During her academic period, Mariana collaborated with several companies or initiatives with the aim of gaining a closer and more real sense of the labor market.
She was a production assistant at Vodafone's “Bike Day” event, promoter at Lisbon Games Week and volunteer at Web Summit. These experiences allowed her to get inside the organization of major events.
She worked as a salesperson in Benetton and Lacoste stores, which allowed her to have direct contact with consumers and understand sales strategies of renowned brands in the market.
Adept of challenges and group work, she tested her most creative aspect in the Roca One Day Challenge contest and won a 3rd place in the 2017 edition.
Mariana is a digital native, communicating and sharing are things she does naturally and likes to do for the benefit of others, be they companies, brands, products, events, initiatives or just people.
At ARGO since 2019, she has the mission of enhancing and developing the communication and marketing components.