Tânia Brito

Tânia has a degree in Business Organization and Management from ISCTE-IUL, with a postgraduate degree in Sales Force Management at INDEG / ISCTE.
Tânia started her professional career in the end of 1999, at Mundial Confiança, in the commercial area. Subsequently, she was involved in several project and people management challenges in the Commercial and Marketing areas within Fidelidade.
Is oriented to details, empathetic, available and seeks to match wishes. Tânia favors teamwork and easily creates relationships with others. She values ​​the time with family and friends, enjoys getting to know new cultures, nature and does not dispense with sport. She was a girl scout, an experience that marks her personality until today, it brings with her the desire to want to leave the “world” where it always passes a little better than it found it.
She is currently Partner at ARGO, responsible for team and client management, business development, as well as mentoring the Inclusive Recruitment partnership.