Márcia Vaz

Márcia has a degree in Management from the University of Évora, having finished her course in 2006 and started her professional career in Lisbon, as an accounting manager at Staples.
Subsequently, she worked at a consultant, and contact with several clients gave her a comprehensive and solid view of the reality and diversity of the businesses. She had experience in team and client management, with a short stint in Angola, which she considered to be an asset in the way of seeing life and organizations.
She is a native of Alto Minho, from the beautiful village of Monção, however her academic career took her to Évora. The strong academic spirit of the city helped to smooth the integration in a culture of different habits.
Strict in everything she does and reserved, but with a sympathy that is innate to her, associated with a very particular, very direct, practical and pragmatic mood. With an excellent team spirit, she is organized and resilient, she does not give up easily in the face of difficulties!
In 2014 she was part of the Jason Associates financial team, with responsibility for accounting and support for management control. She currently serves as Finance Manager at ARGO.