Carla Figueiredo

Carla has a degree in Human Resources Management from ISMAI, from an early age she realized that she would like to enter the Recruitment & Selection area. In her professional career, she has 7 years of experience at Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, where she had the opportunity to consolidate her knowledge in the area of ​​Search & Assessment. Later, she worked at Randstad Professionals as a Senior Consultant, having been able to take a more active role in the commercial aspect, as well as in the management of the team.
She loves nature and enjoys being able to do outdoor activities. Carla seeks to remain active through the practice of Yoga and Tennis, physical activities that mainly help to balance the mind. Well-disposed by nature, she appreciates the sense of humor in others and the ability of each to laugh at themselves. She appreciates a healthy work environment and tries to contribute to it with his good mood.
In 2017, she joined the Talent & Attraction area at Jason Associates and is currently Manager at ARGO, being responsible for business and team development, as well as project management for Executive Search & Assessment Centers.