Catarina Magalhães

Catarina has a degree in Organizational Psychology from ISCTE. Over the past 15 years, she has developed her experience between consulting and the Human Resources development area. She had the opportunity to work on different projects in the areas of Executive Search & Assessment at Boyden and Invesco Transearch. Later, she was linked to a more generalist approach of Human Resources management, in companies such as Auchan and Luz Saúde, where she integrated several training projects, recruitment, performance evaluation and HR processes. Her passion for consulting made her embark on HumanFit and later moved to the Talent Attraction & Assessment area of​​Jason Associates, where she had the opportunity to develop projects in Outsourcing In-house. Her curiosity and multiple interests ended up defining her professional career. Despite having a reserved stance, is natural to create trusting relationships. Focused and organized, is very result oriented. Whoever knows her highlights her sense of humor, serenity and her genuine concern for others. Currently, she is Manager at ARGO, with transversal responsibilities in Executive Search and Recruitment processes, as well as in specific HR development projects.