Inês Graça

Inês has a degree in Psychology with an Integrated Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology - Cognitive and Behavioral from the University of Lisbon. Throughout her master's degree, she kept an open door and an attentive ear to organizational psychology, and ended up starting her professional career in human resources, and later completed a postgraduate course in the area. In order to develop her career and skills, she has completed a postgraduate course for management executives at the Nova School of Business and Economics in recent years, and more recently the International Coaching Certification.
Debut at Randstad Professionals in 2017 as a 360º consultant and after a year and a half, the desire to be in contact with the behavioral and human component, took her to Agap2 with talent manager functions, focusing on career and motivation employees, articulating with the Managers.
Feeling the impact of her work on others and helping people is what motivates her on a daily basis. She is attentive to those around her, available and demanding of herself and others. She has a thoughtful attitude, where she finds a balance between pragmatism and emotion. Curiosity has been growing and she believes she still has a lot to discover. Inês joined ARGO at the beginning of 2020, and is currently a Senior Consultant, working in the areas of Executive Search, Recruitment & Assessment Center, Trainee Programs.