Talent Manifest

Everyday we get to meet extraordinary professionals that have either dedicated all their efforts to the same Organization overtime or have developed their skills in different entities at different moments in their career. One thing brings these two groups together: when thinking about a career change, an overwhelming and confusing feeling might arise.
What is the best “next step” to take for my career? When should I take that step? What should I look for? How should I do it? Who can I go to for help? The answer to all these questions might be even more overwhelming. We have all been candidates at some point or another in life, we know how it feels, and we know how we would have liked things to turned out.

These are the commitments we assume towards the people who trust us in career transition moments:


We always guarantee feedback.
Having continuous feedback on the projects that the candidate is involved in is their right, but not a common practice in the market. Even if this feedback may not meet your expectations, we will maintain the transparency and openness that we value and will be available to give to the candidate updated information on the course of the process.


We don't sell dreams and we won't promise you the "job of a lifetime".
Even if it is, we always assume that every context has aspects that will benefit you and aspects that will challenge you. If we feel that the project we present to you is not the one you are looking for, we will be the first to tell you. If it is the right project, we will do everything we can to align expectations with reality!


We guarantee the confidentiality of your data, which will only be shared with third parties only with your permission.


We learn from our mistakes. If we feel that the company we represent has not respected you, we will be the first to regret it, and we commit to not collaborating with them in the future.