Our Story

Jason Associates’ Talent Attraction team has honored the origin of its history since 2004. A story based on the assumption that a set of regular heroes sailed the seas of ancient Greece in search of the “golden fleece” – a sacred piece which would bring luck and prosperity to all who encountered it.

This mission was fulfilled whenever we advised the best talent in the market to make the best choices for their professional lives, so that companies would have the right people on their side.

After 13 years, Jason Associates; we headed towards a new destination:
searching the entire market, looking for professionals with special skills that go far beyond the traditional concept of experience and fit with companies’ culture.

This journey will be take on by Argo Partners: a new ship led by the same crew that helped Jason Associates grow. Thus far, this journey has been defined by courage and the ambition to explore new paths. It has also given us the experience and the opportunity to develop the gift of intuition which allows us to advise the best talent and companies in the best possible way.

There are two brands within Argo Partners: Argo Talents and Argo Fit, both working for their clients and candidates offering a wide range of customized solutions designed for each specific need.

Follow your intuition and join us on this journey

Our Mission

To provide solutions that allow our clients to have the people they need, giving them the edge in their industry, enabling a successful strategy implementation, promoting their Employee Value Proposition and guaranteeing all candidates have a positive experience.

Our Ambition

We want to be the preferred partner when defining Talent Acquisition strategies, that leverage our clients’ business, thriving to become the best advisors for both clients and candidates.

Search & Assessment Solutions for Top Management

Search & Assessment Solutions for Top Management