3rd Anniversary Argo Partners

Argo celebrated its third anniversary with a different approach from other years.
The celebration is intrinsic to our DNA and that is why, this year, in the impossibility of singing the congratulations in person, we chose to ally ourselves with a solidary cause, through the acquisition of a book, whose money will revert to the mission of the NGO-ATACA, that it will rebuild the roof of a school in Mozambique, returning a better education and smiles to more than 872 children.

This school is located in Mozambique, in the province of Nampula in a locality called Natchetche.
Unfortunately, on the 26th of September there was a great gale and mainly the roof, made of sheets, was destroyed. Mozambique experienced a cyclone last year and this year it goes through the coronavirus, in addition to other internal problems in the country. The situation is increasingly demanding for communities. In addition, teaching has so far been stopped because of Covid-19, trying to function remotely but as you know if it is already difficult here, let alone in this context. Still, although they have now also gone into a state of public calamity, Mozambique has reopened the schools. As such, this school needs a new roof so that children can have a minimally good room to be "future men and women" :).
Argo's support made it possible. With the value of the revenues it was possible to acquire sheets, bars, nails, wires and other materials necessary to install a new roof that will soon be finished.

CRHLP Magazine was not indifferent and mentioned Argo's work.

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